Franco Gomez has been an artists since birth, creating has always been his greatest passion. He went on to refine his skill set graduating from the Liceo Artístico A. Vittoria in Trento, Italy where he was recognized in various disciplines like sculpting and modelimg, painting and design. Since moving his operations to the US he was winner of the Miami Lakes “ Main Street Banner Art Contest” two consecutive years. His work was also been recognized by the United States State Congress for two consecutive years and awarded by such with a certificate of Congressional Recognition; both occasions were exposed in the Miami Lakes Town Hall Gallery and the Graham Gallery. This was only the prelude to what was his career as a 2D and 3D illustrator where he has done countless work for books, video games and cinematography. All this has bled into his tattooing career offering a unique skill set and creative process through which he is able to produce original tattoo pieces, prefering realism and illustrative blackwork.